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Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety Service
enforces legislation governing workplace safety through inspections
Occupational Health Service
provides advisory service on matters concerning the health of employees and the hygiene of workplaces
Boilers and Pressure Vessels Division
enforces legislation regulating the safe operation of pressure equipment
Occupational Safety and Health Training
provides training on occupational safety and health
Occupational Safety and Health Centre
provides information and advisory services on occupational safety and health
Registration and Staff Training Division
provides services on registration as safety officers, safety auditors and safety auditor training scheme operators
Occupational Safety and Health Conviction Records
provides the occupational safety and health conviction records in the past two years
Occupational Health Talks and Courses

provide free occupational health public talks, outreach health talks and courses to employers and employees

Occupational Health Clinic
provides services on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of work-related illnesses.
Occupational Safety and Health Internet Links
links to other occupational safety and health websites
Occupational Safety and Health Statistics
links to occupational safety and health statistics and bulletin
Upcoming Events (Occupational Health Public Talks)
provides news on upcoming occupational health public talks, occupational safety and health events
Occupational Safety and Health e-Quiz
links to Occupational Safety and Health e-Quiz
Safety at Work Icon
(Download the icon)
Notifying Your Workplace and Construction Work
(including factories and catering establishments)
Pilot Rehabilitation Programme for Employees Injured at Work (Construction Industry)
Facilitates injured construction employees recover and return to work early
Occupational Safety and Health mobile application
Provide various kinds of occupational safety and health information