The Labour Department has launched an Occupational Safety and Health e-Quiz (OSH e-Quiz) (in Chinese) on the Internet for free surfing by students. The OSH e-Quiz is a self-learning package aiming to inculcate secondary students with basic knowledge on occupational safety and health. It will help students to select jobs suitable to them and to work safely and healthily when joining the workforce.

In the OSH e-Quiz, common hazards and safety measures relating to factory and warehouse, construction, office, retailing and catering as well as OSH in general are introduced. Following the introduction is the e-Quiz. Through working out the e-Quiz, students can test how much knowledge on OSH they have acquired. Participants who are successful in the e-Quiz (correct in 10 out of 14 multiple-choice questions) will be awarded a certificate.

Although the OSH e-Quiz aims at secondary students, other members of the public will also find it useful in enhancing their knowledge on OSH. We invite all public members to surf the OSH e-Quiz and try out the quiz.