Sample Employment Contract

A written employment contract reminds both employers and employees of their obligations, helps avoid possible disputes and sets out clearly the rights and benefits of both parties. To assist employers and employees to draw up written employment contracts, the Labour Department has prepared a sample employment contract for their reference.

The sample covers the major entitlements and protection enjoyed by employees under the EO. To know more about these entitlements (such as their eligibility criteria), please refer to the EO or the booklet "A Concise Guide to the Employment Ordinance" issued by the Labour Department, or visit the webpages below:

Department of Justice's Hong Kong e-Legislation

A Concise Guide to the Employment Ordinance


The Employment (Amendment) Ordinance 2020 (Amendment Ordinance) would take effect on 11 December 2020. The Amendment Ordinance seeks to increase the maternity leave under the Employment Ordinance (EO) (Cap. 57) by four weeks. The Amendment Ordinance also covers two technical amendments which include updating the definition of "miscarriage" under EO; and accepting a certificate of attendance issued by medical professionals as documentary proof for entitling an eligible employee to sickness allowance for any day on which the employee has attended a medical examination in relation to her pregnancy. For further information, please click here.