Labour Advisory Board Report 2015-2016

Chapter 1
Membership of Labour Advisory Board

From 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2016
Labour Advisory Board for the 2015-2016 term
Labour Advisory Board for the 2015-2016 term
Chairman: Mr Donald Tong Chi Keung, JP
[up to 18.9.2016]
Mr Carlson Chan Ka Shun, JP
(front row: middle)
[from 6.10.2016 onwards]
Commissioner for Labour
Members: Employer representatives
The Honourable Ho Sai Chu, GBM, GBS, JP
(front row: 2nd from left)
representing the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce
Dr Kim Mak Kin Wah, BBS, JP
(front row: 1st from left)
representing the Employers’ Federation of Hong Kong
Mr Irons Sze, BBS, JP
(back row: 5th from left)
representing the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong
Mr Emil Yu Chen On
(back row: 4th from left)
representing the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
The late Mr Stanley Lau Chin Ho, SBS, MH, JP
[up to 12.6.2016]
Mr Jimmy Kwok Chun Wah, BBS, MH, JP
(back row: 3rd from left)
[from 8.7.2016 onwards]
representing the Federation of Hong Kong Industries

- ditto -
Mr Cheung Sing Hung, BBS
(back row: 2nd from left)
appointed ad personam
Employee representatives
Mr Leung Chau Ting
(front row: 2nd from right)
elected by registered employee unions
Mr Stanley Ng Chau Pei
(front row: 1st from right)
- ditto -
Mr Chau Siu Chung
(back row: 4th from right)
- ditto -
Ms Wong Siu Han
(back row: 3rd from right)
- ditto -
Mr Charles Chan Yiu Kwong
(back row: 2nd from right)
[from 16.3.2015 onwards]
- ditto -
Ms Rose Chan So Hing
(back row: 1st from right)
appointed ad personam
Secretary: Ms Samantha Lam Yick Wah
(back row: 1st from left)
[up to 20.12.2016]
Ms Esther Chan Lai Heung
[from 21.12.2016 onwards]
Senior Labour Officer
(International Liaison) of Labour Department