Labour Advisory Board Report 2015-2016

Appendix V: Membership of Committee on Occupational Safety and Health

From 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2016
Chairman: Mr David Leung, JP
[up to 12.4.2015]

Mr Jeff Leung
[from 4.5.2015 onwards]

Deputy Commissioner for Labour (Occupational Safety and Health)
Members: The Honourable Ho Sai Chu, GBM, GBS, JP
Employer representative from LAB
Mr Irons Sze, BBS, JP
- ditto -
Mr Emil Yu Chen On
- ditto -
Mr Charles Chan Yiu Kwong
[from 16.3.2015 onwards]
Employee representative from LAB
Mr Leung Chau Ting
- ditto -
Ms Wong Siu Han
- ditto -
Mr Thomas Ho On Sing, JP
Employer representative from outside LAB
Mr Lee Luen Fai
- ditto -
Mr Lawrence Ng San Wa, MH
- ditto -
Mr Chow Luen Kiu, MH
Employee representative from outside LAB
Ms Lee Sau King
- ditto -
Mr Pang Long
- ditto -
Ms Bonnie Yau Man
Representative nominated by the Occupational Safety and Health Council
Mr Victor Kwong Chiu Ling
Representative from occupational safety and health organisations
Ir Alex Leung Wai Hung
- ditto -
Dr Tung Sau Ying, MH
- ditto -
Mr Li Chi Leung
[up to 8.7.2015]

Mr Wu Wai Hung
[from 9.7.2015 onwards]

Assistant Commissioner for Labour (Occupational Safety)
Dr Raymond Leung Lai Man, JP
Occupational Health Consultant (1) of LD
Mr Leung Yuk Keung
Chief Occupational Safety Officer (System and Support) of LD
Secretary: Ms Helen Chau Man Kuen
Labour Officer (Occupational Safety and Health) of LD