Labour Advisory Board Report 2015-2016

Appendix IV: Membership of Committee on Labour Relations

From 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2016
Chairman: Mr Byron Ng Kwok Keung, JP
Deputy Commissioner for Labour
(Labour Administration)
Members: Mr Cheung Sing Hung, BBS
Employer representative from LAB
The late Mr Stanley Lau Chin Ho, SBS, MH, JP
[up to 12.6.2016]

Mr Jimmy Kwok Chun Wah, BBS, MH, JP
[from 8.7.2016 onwards]

- ditto -
Dr Kim Mak Kin Wah, BBS, JP
- ditto -
Ms Rose Chan So Hing
Employee representative from LAB
Mr Chau Siu Chung
- ditto -
Ms Wong Siu Han
- ditto -
Ms Anders Cheung Yuk Lin
Employer representative from outside LAB
Mr Clarence Chung Chi Wai
- ditto -
Ms Lam Kam Yi
Employee representative from outside LAB
Ms Lee Sau King
- ditto -
Mr David Li Chi Ming
Representative of human resources practitioners
Dr Lee Shu Kam
Representative from a tertiary educational institution from the field of social science or business / human resources management
Mr Charles Hui Pak Kwan, JP
[up to 2.3.2015]

Ms Melody Luk Wai Ling
[from 3.3.2015 onwards]

Assistant Commissioner for Labour (Labour Relations)
Secretary: Ms Judy Chow Siu Ling

Labour Officer (Labour Relations) (Headquarters) 1 of LD