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Labour Advisory Board
Activities in the 2013-2014 Term
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Committee on Employment Services
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Committee on Employment Services

5.1 Introduction
  In May 1976, a sub-committee of the Labour Advisory Board (LAB) was appointed to advise the Commissioner for Labour on matters concerning the operation of the Employment Services Division of the Labour Department (LD). The sub-committee was renamed as the Committee on Employment Services (CES) in 1978 and its terms of reference were extended to cover the work of all divisions under the Employment Services Programme of LD.

5.2 Terms of Reference
  The committee is established to:

  • advise on the employment services provided by LD, including those for the able-bodied and people with disabilities, and the careers advisory service for young people;
  • advise on legislative provisions relating to the operation of employment agencies; and
  • advise on legislative provisions relating to the employment of local workers outside Hong Kong.

5.3 Composition
  Members of CES are appointed by the Commissioner for Labour. The composition of the committee for the 2013-2014 term is as follows:

  Chairman:   To be appointed from the non-government sector
  Members:   Two# employer representatives from LAB
      Two# employee representatives from LAB
      Two employer representatives from outside LAB
      Two employee representatives from outside LAB
      A representative of employers who make use of the employment services of LD
      A representative of persons with disabilities who make use of the employment services of LD
      Not more than two representatives nominated by employment agency associations
      A representative nominated by the Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters
      A representative nominated by the Employees Retraining Board
      A representative nominated by the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management
      A representative from one of the social partners of LD
      A representative from a tertiary educational institution
      Assistant Commissioner for Labour (Employment Services)
  Secretary:   A Labour Officer of LD

#Only one representative shall be appointed if the chairman has been appointed from this group.

The membership list of CES for the 2013-2014 term is at Appendix II.

5.4 Activities during the 2013-2014 Term
  During the 2013-2014 term, CES offered advice on the following employment services and programmes:

Employment services

CES offered advice on LD’s employment services to able-bodied job seekers, ethnic minorities, new arrivals, young people and persons with disabilities as well as recruitment services to employers. CES also discussed and gave constructive views on the operation of various specialised employment programmes, including the Work Trial Scheme, the Employment Programme for the Middle-aged, the pilot Employment Services Ambassador Programme for Ethnic Minorities, and the Youth Employment and Training Programme, etc administered by LD for job seekers with employment difficulty.

Tung Chung Job Centre

To strengthen employment support to residents living in remote districts, LD set up a new job centre in Tung Chung in October 2014. The new Tung Chung Job Centre (TCJC) is located in the Yat Tung Shopping Centre, Tung Chung. Job seekers living on Lantau Island and nearby districts may seek employment support in TCJC, thus reducing their time and travelling expenses for obtaining employment services. CES noted that TCJC had been launched smoothly.