Labour Advisory Board Report 2011-2012 Image
Labour Advisory Board
Activities in the 2011-2012 Term
Committee on Employees' Compensation
Committee on Empolyment Services
Committee on the Implementation of International Labour Standards
Committee on Labour Relations
Committee on Occupational Safety and Health

Chapter 1. Membership

From 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2012
Members of Labour Advisory Board for the 2011-2012 term

Chairman : Mr Cheuk Wing Hing, JP
(front row: middle)
Commissioner for Labour
Members : Employer Representatives
Mr Ho Sai Chu, GBS, JP
(front row: 2nd from left)
representing the Chinese
General Chamber of Commerce
Dr Kim Mak Kin Wah, BBS, JP
(front row: 1st from left)
representing the Employers' Federation of Hong Kong
Mr Stanley Lau Chin Ho, BBS, MH, JP
(back row: 3rd from left)
representing the Federation
of Hong Kong Industries
Mr Stanley Hui Hon Chung, JP
(back row: 2nd from left)
representing the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
Mr Irons Sze, JP
(back row: 4th from left)
representing the Chinese Manufacturers' Association
of Hong Kong
Mr Cheung Sing Hung, BBS
(back row: 1st from left)
appointed ad personam
Employee Representatives
Mr Leung Chau Ting
(front row: 2nd from right)
elected by registered employee unions
Ms Ng Wai Yee, MH
(front row: 1st from right)
- ditto -
Mr Chung Kwok Sing
(back row: 3rd from right)
- ditto -
Mr Lee Tak Ming
(back row: 4th from right)
- ditto -
Mr Ng Chau Pei
(back row: 5th from right)
- ditto -
Mr Cheng Kai Ming
(back row: 2nd from right)
appointed ad personam
Secretary : Mr Raymond Leung Kwok Kee
(back row: 1st from right)
Senior Labour Officer
(International Liaison)