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Comments, Enquiries and Complaints

Comments, Enquiries and Complaints

You may also make use of our telephone hotline 2717 1771 (handled by "1823") which provides round-the-clock service for general enquiries on topics of labour legislation and services of the Labour Department. Please refer to the Service Menu for detailed operation instructions for using the 24-Hour Telephone Enquiry Service. 

Telephone Hotlines and Addresses

Employment Services
Employment Services Division2591 1318[Service Hours:(2)]
Employment Programme for the Elderly and Middle-aged2150 6398[Service Hours:(2)]
Work Trial Scheme2152 2090[Service Hours:(2)]
Racial Diversity Employment Programme2150 6359[Service Hours:(1)]
Telephone Employment Service Hotline2969 0888[Service Hours:(1)]
Job Vacancy Processing Centre Hotline2503 3377[Service Hours:(1)]
General enquiries on Employment of Persons with Disabilities2852 4801[Service Hours:(1)]
Youth Employment and Training Programme2112 9932[Service Hours:(1)]
Enhanced Supplementary Labour Scheme2150 6363[Service Hours:(1)]*
Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Scheme2969 0446[Service Hours:(1)]

Employees’ Rights and Benefits
Complaints related to Non-compliance with Regulations on the Employment of Children and Young persons2815 2200[Service Hours:(3)]*
Reporting Failure by Employers to Possess Employees’ Compensation Insurance Policies2815 2200[Service Hours:(3)]*
Reporting Wage Default and Employment of Illegal Workers2815 2200[Service Hours:(3)]*
Hotline for Foreign Domestic Helpers2157 9537[Service Hours:(4)]*
Reimbursement of Maternity Leave Pay Scheme (Enquiry service is operated by the processing agent appointed by the Labour Department)2636 6353[Service Hours:(1)]

Occupational Safety and Health
General enquiries on Safety and Health at Work 2559 2297 [Service Hours:(1)]*
General enquiries on Occupational Health Service 2852 4041 [Service Hours:(1)]*
Complaints concerning Safety and Health at Work 2542 2172 [Service Hours:(1)]*
Reporting Work Accidents 2815 0678 [Service Hours:(1)]*

Service Hours:

List of Offices Administering Oaths and Declarations for Official Use
Enquiry on Performance Pledge

Telephone Numbers and Addresses of Branch Offices