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Selective Placement Division

The Selective Placement Division provides free recruitment service to employers and free employment service to job seekers with disabilities, including those with visual impairment, hearing impairment, physical impairment, chronic illness, intellectual disability, ex-mental illness, autism spectrum disorder, specific learning difficulties and attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder. Its objective is to assist people with disabilities in securing jobs in open employment that best suit their abilities, skills, qualifications and experience, with the ultimate aim of integrating them into the community and helping them to be financially independent.

The work of the Selective Placement Division includes:

  • providing job seekers with employment counselling and guidance, and the latest information on the labour market to help them find open employment jobs that best suit their abilities and the needs of the market.
  • matching the requirements of job vacancies against the working abilities of job seekers and referring the most suitable job seeker to employer for job interview.
  • providing follow-up service to monitor the work progress of the employee and to ensure a harmonious relationship between the employer and the employee.
  • organising public education and promotional activities to enhance the public understanding of the working abilities of people with disabilities and to cultivate among the public a positive attitude towards them. Activities include the organisation of talks, seminars and exhibitions and the production of TV/radio programmes, videos, booklets, newsletters and promotional leaflets. The Newsletter of the Selective Placement Division (Acrobat Reader file for downloading) is now available for downloading.

If you are interested in employing people with disabilities, you may browse through our "Monthly Highlight of Job Seekers with Disabilities" or call our regional offices direct for enquiry.

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