A Guide to the Factories and Industrial Undertakings 
(Safety Management) Regulation

2. Duty of proprietor and contractor

2.8  Appoint safety review officer to conduct safety review

A proprietor or contractor specified in Category 2 or 4 of Appendix I should -

  • appoint, in the approved form, a safety review officer who may be an employee of the proprietor or contractor to conduct a safety review in respect of his industrial undertaking; 

    "Safety review officer" means a person who is appointed to conduct a safety review as required by the Regulation.

    "Safety review" means an arrangement for reviewing the effectiveness of a safety management system (including the elements specified in Appendix II contained in the system) and considering improvements to the effectiveness of the system. 

    The following basic criteria should be considered when appointing a safety review officer:

    • The review officer should have a good understanding of the operation of the undertaking and a good understanding of the legal requirements relating to industrial safety and health; and
    • The review officer should have received appropriate training in how to evaluate or assess the overall performance of safety management system, e.g. a safety auditor training scheme conducted by a registered scheme operator. 
  • display a copy of the appointment in a conspicuous place of the undertaking; 
  • ensure that safety reviews are conducted -
    1.  at least once in each 6 months for construction work;
    2.  in any other case, at least once in each 12 months; or
    3.  at a shorter interval when required in writing by the Commissioner.

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2. Duty of proprietor and contractor
3. Duty of registered safety auditor, safety review officer and scheme operator 
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