A Guide to the Factories and Industrial Undertakings 
(Safety Management) Regulation

2. Duty of proprietor and contractor

2.4  Appoint registered safety auditor to conduct safety audit

A proprietor or contractor specified in Category 1 or 3 of Appendix I should -

  • appoint a registered safety auditor to conduct a safety audit in relation to his industrial undertaking;

    "Registered safety auditor" means a person registered as a safety auditor to conduct or propose to conduct safety audits.  A person is eligible for registration as a safety auditor if he complies with the requirements of Appendix III

    "Safety audit" means an arrangement for collecting, assessing and verifying information on the efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of a safety management system (including the elements specified in Appendix II contained in the system) and considering improvements to the system.

  • The following basic criteria should be considered when appointing a registered safety auditor:
    • The auditor should understand his task and be competent to carry it out;
    • The auditor should be familiar with the industry and the processes;
    • The auditor should have a good knowledge of safety management practices; and
    • The auditor needs to have the status, experience and knowledge of the relevant standards/systems he is auditing against to enable him to evaluate performance and to identify deficiencies.
  • ensure that safety audits are conducted ?
    1. at least once in each 6 months for construction work;
    2. in any other case, at least once in each 12 months; or
    3. at a shorter interval when so required in writing by the Commissioner.

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2. Duty of proprietor and contractor
3. Duty of registered safety auditor, safety review officer and scheme operator 
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