A Guide to the Factories and Industrial Undertakings 
(Safety Management) Regulation

2. Duty of proprietor and contractor

2.10  Take action on safety review report

The proprietor or contractor after receiving a safety review report should ?

  • read and countersign the report, and record the date of his countersignature;
  • draw up a plan for the improvements within 14 days if the report contains recommendations for improvements to the safety management system and implement the plan as soon as practicable;
  • submit a copy of the report together with a copy of the plan for the improvements to the Commissioner within 21 days after receiving the report;
  • keep a copy of the report and the plan for at least 5 years.

1. Introduction
2. Duty of proprietor and contractor
3. Duty of registered safety auditor, safety review officer and scheme operator 
4. Penalty
5. Related occupational safety and health publications published by the Labour Department 
6. Useful information