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Figure 4.1
Key Indicators of Work of the Programme of Safety and Health at Work in 2016

Key Indicators of Work Number
I. Inspections  
  Inspections under FIUO1 and OSHO2 131 339
  Inspections under BPVO3 4 535
II. Investigations  
  Investigations of accidents at workplaces 14 730
  Investigations of suspected cases of occupational diseases 2 983
III. Promotion and Education  
  Promotional visits to workplaces under FIUO1 and OSHO2 5 436
  Talks, lectures and seminars organised 2 097
IV. Pressure Equipment Registration  
  Pressure equipment registered 2 404
  Examinations conducted and exemptions granted, for the issue or endorsement of certificates of competency 523
V. Clinical Services  
  Clinical consultations conducted 10 444

Notes: 1. Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance
2. Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance
3. Boilers and Pressure Vessels Ordinance