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Figure 2.3
Terms of Reference and Composition of the Labour Advisory Board and Membership for the 2015-2016 term

Terms of Reference

The Labour Advisory Board advises the Commissioner for Labour on matters affecting labour, including legislation and Conventions and Recommendations of the International Labour Organisation. It may appoint such committees as it considers necessary and include any person not being a member of the Labour Advisory Board to serve on such committees.


The composition of the Labour Advisory Board is as follows:


Commissioner for Labour (ex-officio)


Five employee members elected by registered employee unions

Five employer members nominated by major employer associations

One employee member and one employer member appointed ad personam


A Senior Labour Officer




Mr Donald Tong Chi Keung, JP


Commissioner for Labour



Employee Representatives


Mr Leung Chau Ting


Mr Stanley Ng Chau Pei

Mr Chau Siu Chung

elected by registered employee unions

Ms Wong Siu Han


Mr Charles Chan Yiu Kwong


Ms Rose Chan So Hing


appointed ad personam


Employer Representatives


Hon Ho Sai Chu, GBM, GBS, JP

representing the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce

Dr Kim Mak Kin Wah, BBS, JP

representing the Employers’ Federation of Hong Kong

Mr Stanley Lau Chin Ho, SBS, MH, JP

representing the Federation of Hong Kong Industries

Mr Irons Sze, BBS, JP

representing the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong

Mr Emil Yu Chen On

representing the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

Mr Cheung Sing Hung, BBS

appointed ad personam




Ms Samantha Lam Yick Wah

Senior Labour Officer