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Practical Guide For Operating An Employment Agency

Chapter 5
Chapter 7
List of Appendices
  1. Employment Agency - Application for a licence (PDF)
  2. Employment Agency - Application for a licence (supplementary sheet)(Not applicable)
  3. ‘Particulars of Employment Agencies to be Displayed at Employment Agencies Portal’ Form (PDF)
  4. ‘Particulars of Associate of Employment Agency’ (with Authorisation) (PDF)
    1. ‘Particulars of Associate of Employment Agency (Supplementary Sheet-Related Person)’ (PDF)
    2. ‘Particulars of Associate of Employment Agency (Supplementary Sheet-Employed Individual)’ (PDF)
  5. Notification of appointment of nominated operator / Directors' Meeting Minutes (PDF)
  6. Designation of Main and Branch Office(s) of Employment Agency(Not applicable)
  7. Employment Agency - Application for renewal of a licence (PDF)
  8. Notification regarding change of licensee's/employment agency’s name (PDF)
  9. Notification of change of director/partner (PDF)
  10. Notification of change of place of business (PDF)
  11. Cessation notice (PDF)
  12. Application for certified true copy of the licence (PDF)
  13. Record sheet for keeping information of registered job-seekers (MSWORD)
  14. Second Schedule (Maximum commission which may be received by an employment agency) (PDF)