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LD E-Form Filler User Manual

5. Installation of E-Form Filler

Prior to the installation of the E-Form Filler, please ensure you computer meets the system and software requirements. (Please refer to Section 2 and Section 3)

Installation Procedures


If you have installed E-Form Filler/Viewer before, please use "Control Panel" arrow "Programs and Features" of the operating system to remove E-Form Filler/Viewer prior to your installation of E-Form Filler.

  1. Find E-Form Filler from the LD's related form webpage, the CD Rom or other media.
  2. Double click the E-Form Filler icon to launch the installation program.

    Icon of the E-Form Filler

  3. Installation wizard will be prompted to guide the installation. Click "Next" button.

    Installation Wizard

  4. Select "I accept the terms of the license agreement" if you agree to accept the license agreement, then click "Next" button.

    Installation Wizard (License Agreement)

  5. Select the installation type and click "Next" button.

    Installation Wizard (Select Installation Type)

  6. Choose the destination folder for installing E-Form Filler and click "Next" button.

    Installation Wizard (Select Destination Folder)

  7. Click "Install" if the name of the destination folder showed in the "Program Folder" dialog box is correct. Installation will then commence shortly.

    Installation Wizard (Select Program Folder)

  8. Soon, there will be a dialog box informing you that the installation has been completed, click "Next".

    Installation Wizard (Setup Status)

  9. Click “Finish” to close the installation program.

    Installation Wizard Completion Dialog Box