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LD E-Form Filler User Manual

3. Software Requirements and Downloading of E-Form

3.1 Software Requirements

To operate E-Forms, your computer should be installed with the following software:

  1. E-Form Filler* (a software tool for viewing and filling the E-Forms);
  2. E-Form* (electronic format of a LD's form); and
  3. e-Cert Control Manager (Only applicable to users who wish to use digital certificates embedded in Smart ID Cards to sign the E-Forms. The software could be downloaded freely from the related webpages of the Hongkong Post<URL:>)

* The software listed in a-b above are available for free downloading at relevant LD webpage. (Please refer to section 3.2)

3.2 Downloading of E-Form and Required Software

You could get access to the "E-Form Downloading Zone" through LD homepage (address:

  1. Click the preferred language from the menu.

    Labour Department Homepage

  2. Click "Public Forms" at the left menu.

    Labour Department Webpage LeftMenu - "Public Forms"

  3. Click the hyperlink as shown below to access the Government Forms Websites.

    "Public Forms" - "Public Forms of the Labour Department (LD) on Government Forms Website"

  4. Look up “Labour Department” using the search engine to download the required E-Form.

    Public Forms on Government Form Website

  5. You could download any E-Form file you are interested by simply pointing the cursor to the object and clicking it. The downloading process will commence then.

The software available for downloading includes:

Once you choose to download the E-Form Filler, you would like to open the file or save it.

The E-Form Filler is an installer program. You need to install it prior to actual usage of E-Form. Please refer to Section 5 and Section 6 for detailed guides on the installation and operation of the E-Form Filler.