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LD E-Form Filler User Manual

2. System Requirements

2.1 Basic Requirements

To use E-Forms, your computer must comply with the following basic requirements:

  • Pentium (Celeron) or above processor;
  • Memory not lower than 256MB RAM;
  • Running Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 as operating system;
  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge; and
  • Suitable smart card reader and related driver (Only applicable to users who wish to use the digial certificates embedded in Smart ID Cards to sign the E-Forms. For details of the features and specifications of suitable smart card reader and related driver, please refer to the related webpages of the Hongkong Post

To obtain better performance, computers equipped with Pentium 4 or above processor with at least 512MB RAM are highly recommended.

2.2 Digital Certificate

To sign E-Forms electronically, you should make use of a valid digital certificate issued by recognised Certification Authority in Hong Kong. E-Form Filler supports the digital certificates installed in the following media:

  1. Smart ID Card (Please refer to Section 2.1 and Section 3.1. These two sections stipulates the system and software requirements which the computer should comply with if users are going to sign the E-Forms by using digital certificates embedded in Smart ID Cards);
  2. P12 or PFX file (i.e. digital certificate stored in harddisk or floppy disk); and
  3. Computer System.

2.3 Internet Access and E-Mail Account

Should you wish to download and submit E-Forms through the internet, you must possess an Internet account with HTTP (browser) and SMTP (e-mail) features.