Part F: CD-ROM

Work Safety in Renovation and Maintenance Works

Renovation and maintenance works encompass a wide range of job types and project sizes. These include decoration, redecoration, modification, upgrading, improvement work, maintenances of also individual unit, internal and external repair works for a whole building or even an entire housing estates, etc. There has been quite a number of accidents in the past that are related to renovation and maintenance works. These cases usually relate to working at height, working with tools, electricity and inflammable substances. Purpose of marking this VCD is to arise the safety awareness of employers, employees, estates management companies and owners' corporation. This VCD contains various safe work practices and basic concept of safety management system. By implementing these safe practices, let us improve the safety performance in renovation and maintenance works and prevent accident from happening.

For request about this VCD, please visit our District Offices of the Occupational Safety Service (Operations Division) of the Occupational Safety and Health Branch of the Labour Department or call 2559 2297.