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Employment of Foreign Domestic Helpers

General Policy

The Government has permitted foreign domestic helpers (FDHs) to work in Hong Kong since the 1970's to meet the shortage of local full-time live-in domestic helpers. The arrangement is in line with the fundamental principle of the Government's labour policy that local workers enjoy priority in employment. Employers can only import workers if they cannot recruit suitable local workers in Hong Kong.

Apart from receiving same protection under labour laws as local workers, FDHs are further protected by the Government-prescribed Standard Employment Contract.

FDH Portal

The Labour Department has various educational and promotional efforts in enhancing the understanding of employers and FDHs on their statutory and contractual rights and obligations.

This one-stop online platform contains all information and useful links relating to the employment of FDHs. Relevant publications and publicity videos have also been uploaded to the Portal to help FDHs, employers and the public understand the relevant policies, and employment rights and obligations. In addition to Chinese and English, the Portal is also available in various FDHs’ mother languages to facilitate FDHs to understand their entitlements.

Please click here to visit FDH.