Relevant Safety Courses for Loadshifting Machines used on construction sites recognized by the Commissioner for Labour pursuant to the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Loadshifting Machinery) Regulation

  1. Construction Industry Council (Formerly known as Construction Industry Training Authority) *
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 2100 9500)
  2. Construction Machinery Technical Training Centre *
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 2477 2333)
  3. Green Island Cement (Holdings) Limited *
  4. Origin Production Limited trading as The Hong Kong Safety Training Association (Formerly known as Origin Production Limited) *
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 8202 1515)
  5. MTR Corporation Limited
  6. Hong Kong Construction Industry Professional Plant-operators and Mechanics' Association *
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 2388 6887)
  7. Safety Specialist Services Limited
    (The Commissioner for Labour has withdrawn the recognition of the Safety Training Courses for New Operators and Experienced Operators of Dumper and Compactor of this course provider.  The effective date is 17 September 2010.)
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 2409 8111)
  8. Green Valley Landfill Limited *
  9. Dragages - Nishimatsu Joint Venture
  10. SITA Waste Services Limited
  11. Maeda-CREC-SELI Joint Venture
  12. Gammon Construction Limited
  13. Leighton Contractors (Asia) Limited
  14. Dragages Hong Kong Limited *
  15. Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd.
  16. The China Engineers, Limited
  17. Gammon Nishimatsu WIL Joint Venture
  18. Maeda-China State Joint Venture
  19. KWP Quarry Co. Limited
  20. Alliance Construction Materials Limited
  21. Samsung - Hsin Chong Joint Venture
  22. Liebherr (HKG) Limited
  23. The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Note: The course providers marked with "*" also conduct revalidation training courses.