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Work Safety Alert (Text Version)

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You can browse the relevant Work Safety Alert by clicking on the individual item in the table below.  

Date Accident at Work
December 2020 Fallen from Height
December 2020 Fall from the rooftop of a building
December 2020 Fallen from Height while Erecting a Truss-out Bamboo Scaffold
December 2020 Pressed to Death by a Toppled Metal Hoarding
November 2020 Drowning while Conducting Underwater Welding Work
October 2020 Fall through a Floor Opening
October 2020 Fall through a Void
October 2020 Pressed to Death by Collapsed Wall
August 2020 Struck by a Moving Vehicle on a Public Road
July 2020 Fall into a Subsided Hole and Trapped to Death
July 2020 Collapse of Reinforcement Bar Structure
July 2020 Suspected Electrocution while touching Cable of Electric Arc Welding Equipment
July 2020 Pressed to death by a Machine Component on a Vehicle Platform
July 2020 Fall from a Folding Step-Ladder
June 2020 Struck by a Wire Rope of a Winch
June 2020 Struck by Fallen Metal Beam and Fell from Height
June 2020 Trapped by Bundles of Wooden Battens
June 2020 Collapse of a Metal Scaffold
June 2020 Fall from Height while Dismantling a Mobile Tubular scaffold
June 2020 Struck by Dispersed Metal Tubes and Fell from Height
May 2020 Fall to Death from a Plant Room
May 2020 Struck by fallen bamboo members and fell from height
April 2020 Struck to Death by a Metal I-beam
March 2020 Struck to Death by a Metal Strut
March 2020 Fall from a Retaining Wall
January 2020 Trapped between a Mobile Crane and a Railing
January 2020 Fall from a Metal A-Ladder
January 2020 Trapped by the Conveyor Belt of a Rock Crushing Plant



This Work Safety Alert ("the Alert") is issued at the earliest possible opportunity after a serious accident with a view to drawing the attention of interested parties to the general safety precautionary measures necessary to protect people engaging in similar work activities. The material contained in the Alert constitutes general guidance only. It does not reduce, limit, or replace, any legal obligations upon any person to comply with any statutory duties under relevant legislation. Users such as Managers and Supervisors should make their own evaluation of the information contained in the Alert to determine if it can be applied to their own situations and practices. The Labour Department does NOT accept any responsibilities for any loss or damage resulting from the use of or failure to use of the information on the Alert.