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Work Safety Alert - 2017

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The purpose of this Work Safety Alert is to alert employers/ contractors and employees to the occurrences of serious or fatal work injuries and remind them of the relevant safety and health measures needed to be taken to prevent recurrence of the tragedy. You can browse the relevant Work Safety Alert by clicking on the individual item in the table below.

Date Accident at Work
December 2017 Struck by a Metal Bracket under Lifting
November 2017 Struck by a Fallen Load
November 2017 Trapped by a Lift Car
November 2017 Trapped inside a Lift Shaft
October 2017 Fall from Height while Carrying out Air-conditioning Work
October 2017 Struck by an Excavator
October 2017 Struck by a Sheet Pile
September 2017 Falling from a Metal Scaffold
September 2017 Fall from a Portable Metal Ladder
September 2017 Fall from Roof
September 2017 Displacement of a Bamboo Scaffold
August 2017 Struck by a load fallen from an Overturned Truck-mounted Crane
August 2017 Trapped by an Overturned Excavator
August 2017 Fall from a Planter
July 2017 Electrocuted During Installation of Air-conditioning System
July 2017 Drowning in Hand-dug Tunnel
June 2017 Trapped by the Jib of a Truck-mounted Crane
June 2017 Fall from a Mobile Ladder Platform
June 2017 Crushed underneath the Crawler of an Excavator under Repair
June 2017 Collapse of a Tower Crane
May 2017 Overturning of a Wheel-mounted Crane
May 2017 Run over by a Maintenance Train
April 2017 Crushed by an Overturned Hollow Metal Cylinder
March 2017 Collapse of a Temporary Working Platform Over the Sea
March 2017 Fall from Working Platform Erected at External Wall
March 2017 Fall from a Metal Platform under Construction
March 2017 Fall from Upper Floor of a Superstructure
February 2017 Buried in Coal Ash inside a Silo
February 2017 Worker Trapped between Two Dollies
February 2017 Knocked down by a Fork-lift Truck
February 2017 Fall from Height while Dismantling an Amusement Ride
February 2017 Fall from Roof
January 2017 Trapped underneath the Dump Body of a Grab Loader
January 2017 Trapped between a Refuse Container Tractor and a Refuse Tipper
January 2017 Fall from Height while Climbing Down a Metal Scaffold



This Work Safety Alert ("the Alert") is issued at the earliest possible opportunity after a serious accident with a view to drawing the attention of interested parties to the general safety precautionary measures necessary to protect people engaging in similar work activities. The material contained in the Alert constitutes general guidance only. It does not reduce, limit, or replace, any legal obligations upon any person to comply with any statutory duties under relevant legislation. Users such as Managers and Supervisors should make their own evaluation of the information contained in the Alert to determine if it can be applied to their own situations and practices. The Labour Department does NOT accept any responsibilities for any loss or damage resulting from the use of or failure to use of the information on the Alert.