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Workplace Consultation Promotion Division

The Workplace Consultation Promotion Division of the Labour Department is set up to promote the Employment Ordinance and good human resource management practices, as well as to encourage effective communication, consultation and voluntary negotiation between employers and employees, with a view to fostering harmonious labour relations.

To achieve the objective, we:

  • promote tripartite dialogue and co-operation among representatives of employers, employees and the government through industry-based tripartite committees;
  • enhance the human resources practitioners’ understanding of the Employment Ordinance and promote good human resource management practices by setting up Human Resources Managers’ Clubs and providing members with experience-sharing sessions, briefings, newsletters and consultation service;
  • provide information on the Employment Ordinance and good human resource management practices to employers and employees through different channels and various promotional activities; and
  • draw up codes of practices and produce publications for reference by employers and employees.

Workplace Consultation Promotion Division
Address: 5/F, Mong Kok Government Offices, 30 Luen Wan Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon
Tel No. : 2121 8690
Fax No. : 2121 8695

Anyone who are engaged in human resource management function and would like to join the above Human Resources Managers’ Clubs, please contact us for more details.