Public Forms of the Labour Department (LD) on Government Forms Website

To access the public forms of LD, please click here.

Viewing and printing of forms require the use of software appropriate to the format of the form file. "LD E-Form" format, which allows you to fill in the form on screen and submit the completed form electronically, is also available for some of the forms. Many of these software viewers are available free from the Internet. Please click here for details of government forms website.

LD E-Forms

LD E-Form Filler (available since January 2015) supports digital signing using 1024 and 2048-bit Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA) Key length e-Cert. For details, please refer to the LD E-Form Filler User Manual and work flow below.

Work Flow of Using LD E-Form

Ensure that the computer meets the system and software requirements
(please see Section 2 and Section 3.1 of the User Manual)
Download and install the required software
(if not yet installed):
(please see Section 3.2 and Section 5 of User Manual)
Download the blank E-Form (*.vxf) and launch E-Form Filler
(please see Section 3.2 and Section 6.1 of User Manual)
Input the data into the E-Form
(please see Section 6.2 of User Manual)
Incorporate attachments (if any) into the E-Form
(please see Section 6.3 of User Manual)
Apply digital signature(s) to the E-Form (if necessary)
by a valid digital certificate
(please see Section 6.4 of User Manual)
Save the E-Form
(please see Section 6.5 of User Manual)
Encrypt the E-Form
(please see Section 6.6 of User Manual)
Submit the completed E-Form by e-mail to [email protected]
(please see Section 6.7 of User Manual).

Explanatory Note on General Format, Manner and Procedure for the Submission of Electronic Information under Law