Frequently Asked Questions about
The Employment Ordinance, Cap. 57

Employees protected under the Employment Ordinance

Q1. Who is covered by the Employment Ordinance? What about temporary or part-time employees?
A1. The Employment Ordinance covers all employees, whether temporary or part-time, with the following exceptions-

(a) a family member who lives in the same dwelling as the employer;
(b) an employee as defined in the Contracts for Employment Outside Hong Kong Ordinance;
(c) a person serving under a crew agreement under the Merchant Shipping (Seafarers) Ordinance, or on board a ship which is not registered in Hong Kong; and
(d) an apprentice whose contract of apprenticeship has been registered under the Apprenticeship Ordinance, other than certain provisions of the Employment Ordinance.
All employees, irrespective of the number of hours they work in each week, are entitled to -
(a) statutory holidays;
(b) wage protection; and
(c) protection against anti-union discrimination.

Employees employed under a continuous contract, whether temporary or part-time, are entitled to ALL the statutory benefits under the Employment Ordinance subject to satisfaction of the conditions stipulated therein.