Frequently Asked Questions about
The Employees' Compensation Ordinance, Cap. 282

Employees’ Compensation after Resignation of Injured Employee
Q1. An employee resigned after a work-related accident, but the case has not yet settled. Is the employer still liable to pay periodical payments and other compensation to the ex-employee who is granted further sick leave by a registered medical practitioner, a registered Chinese medicine practitioner or a registered dentist due to the work injury?

If the ex-employee can produce medical certificates issued by registered medical practitioners, registered Chinese medicine practitioners or registered dentists certifying that a further period of absence from duty is necessary in relation to the work injury (i.e. the period of temporary incapacity), the employer is still liable to pay him periodical payments for the sick leave so granted and taken, irrespective of whether the employment relationship still exists. The employer is also liable to pay the medical expenses and compensation for permanent total or partial incapacity as stipulated in the Ordinance.