Labour Advisory Board Report 2015-2016

Appendix VI: Terms of Reference, Composition and Membership of Working Group on the Supplementary Labour Scheme

Terms of Reference
The working group is established to:
  • advise on the vetting guidelines for processing applications for importation of labour under the Supplementary Labour Scheme; and
  • discuss applications for which LAB members cannot reach a consensus level as agreed by LAB, and draw up recommendations for endorsement by LAB.
Members of the working group are appointed by the Commissioner for Labour. The composition of the working group for the 2015-2016 term is as follows:
Chairman: Assistant Commissioner for Labour (Policy Support)
[up to 8.10.2015]

Assistant Commissioner for Labour (Development)
[from 9.10.2015 onwards]

Members: Two employer representatives from LAB
Two employee representatives from LAB
A Senior Labour Officer of LD
Secretary: A Labour Officer of LD
The membership of the working group for the 2015-2016 term is as follows:
Chairman: Mr Nicholas Chan Chun Tak
[up to 8.10.2015]

Ms Mabel Li Po Yi, JP
[from 9.10.2015 onwards]

Assistant Commissioner for Labour (Policy Support)

Assistant Commissioner for Labour (Development)

Members: The late Mr Stanley Lau Chin Ho, SBS, MH, JP
[up to 12.6.2016]

Mr Jimmy Kwok Chun Wah, BBS, MH, JP
[from 8.7.2016 onwards]

Employer representative from LAB
Mr Irons Sze, BBS, JP
- ditto -
Mr Chau Siu Chung
Employee representative from LAB
Mr Stanley Ng Chau Pei
- ditto -
Mr Law Tak Yan
Senior Labour Officer
(Supplementary Labour) of LD
Secretary: Ms Charlotte Sit Ting
Labour Officer
(Supplementary Labour) 4 of LD