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Labour Advisory Board
Activities in the 2013-2014 Term
Committee on Employees' Compensation
Committee on Employment Services
Committee on the Implementation of International Labour Standards
Committee on Labour Relations
Committee on Occupational Safety and Health

Appendix I: Membership of Committee on Employees’ Compensation

From 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2014

 Chairman: Mr Byron Ng Kwok Keung, JP
Deputy Commissioner for Labour (Labour Administration)
 Members: Mr Stanley Lau Chin Ho,
Employer representative from LAB
Dr Kim Mak Kin Wah, BBS, JP - ditto -
Mr Emil Yu Chen On - ditto -
Mr Chau Siu Chung Employee representative from LAB
Mr Lee Tak Ming - ditto -
Mr Stanley Ng Chau Pei - ditto -
Mr Stephen Lee Wing Kee Employer representative from outside LAB
Mr Chow Luen Kiu, MH Employee representative from outside LAB
Mr Jimmy Poon Wing Fai Representative nominated by the insurance industry
Ms Yu Sau Chun Representative from a concern group on employees’ compensation
Ms Cecilia Chu Representative nominated by the Hospital Authority
Mr Allan Chan Wing Cho
[up to 28.9.2014]

Ms Juliana Chan Oi Yung
[from 29.9.2014 onwards]

Representative nominated by the Director of Legal Aid
Mr Ernest Ip Yee Cheung, JP
Assistant Commissioner for Labour (Employees’ Rights and Benefits)
Dr Raymond Leung Lai Man, JP Occupational Health Consultant (1) of LD
 Secretary: Miss Lina Cheung Wan Kwan Labour Officer (Compensation) (Central Services)1 of LD