Organisations specified by the Commissioner for Labour to issue crane operator certificates pursuant to Regulation 15A of the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Lifting Appliances and Lifting Gear) Regulations

  1. Kowloon Truck Merchants Association Ltd. *
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 2393 7063)
  2. Harbour Transportation Workers General Union *
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 2780 0381)
  3. Modern Terminals Ltd. *
  4. Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation *
  5. Yiu Lian Dockyards Ltd. *
  6. COSCO-HIT Terminals (HK) Ltd. *
  7. Hongkong International Terminals Ltd. *
  8. CSX World Terminals Hong Kong Limited *
    (Formerly known as Sea-Land Orient Terminals Ltd.)
  9. The Hongkong Electric Co. Ltd. *
  10. CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd.
  11. Hong Kong Container Depot & Repairer Association Ltd. *
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 3717 1333)
  12. Hoi Kong Container Services Co. Ltd.
    (The Commissioner for Labour has withdrawn the recognition of the Training Course for New Operators of Front Loader and Reach Stacker and the Training Course for Experienced Operators of Front Loader and Reach Stacker of this course provider. The effective date is 2 March 2012.)
  13. Hongkong United Dockyards Ltd. *
  14. MTR Corporation Limited *
  15. The Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd.
  16. Far East Cement Co. Ltd.
    (This course provider has wound up since 21 November 2002)
  17. B + B Asia Limited
  18. Yuen Fat Wharf & Godown Co. Ltd.
  19. Mid-Stream Holdings (HK) Ltd.
  20. Fat Kee Stevedores Limited
  21. Shiu Wing Steel Ltd. *
  22. River Trade Terminal Co. Ltd. *
  23. Green Island Cement (Holdings) Limited *
  24. Lok Ma Chau China-Hong Kong Freight Association *
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 2482 9163)
  25. Sinopec (Hong Kong) Petroleum Holding Company Limited Sinopec Hong Kong Oil Terminal (Formerly known as China Resources Petrochems (Group) Co., Ltd. CRC Oil Terminal) *
  26. Shun Tak-China Travel Ship Management Ltd.
  27. The Hong Kong and China Gas Co., Ltd. *
  28. Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited
  29. Construction Machinery Technical Training Centre *
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 2477 2333)
  30. Maritime Services Training Institute, Vocational Training Council *
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 2458 3833)
  31. Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited
  32. Hong Kong Construction Industry Professional Plant-operators and Mechanics' Association *
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 2388 6887)
  33. China Merchants Container Services Limited
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 2436 8168)
  34. Origin Production Limited trading as The Hong Kong Safety Training Association *
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 8202 1515)
  35. Asia Container Terminals Limited *
  36. Chu Kong Godown Wharf & Transportation Company Limited
  37. Liebherr (HKG) Limited *
  38. AP Rentals Limited
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 2170 8638)
  39. Construction Mechanics' Training Club Limited
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 9466 4015)
  40. Hong Kong Construction Industry Employees General Union
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 2332 6866)
  41. Maxtrade Corporation Limited trading as Chun Wo Machinery Operation Training Center
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 2472 1568)
  42. Good Charm International Industrial Limited
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 2834 0308)
  43. Hong Kong Construction Training Association Limited
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 6658 8899)
  44. XCMG (Hong Kong) Engineering Machines Limited
    (Enquiry Telephone no. 2426 2166)

"The Construction Industry Council #(Enquiry Telephone no. 2100 9500) is empowered to issue crane operator certificates pursuant to Regulation 15A of the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Lifting Appliances and Lifting Gear) Regulations. Courses for revalidation of crane operator certificates are also provided by this organization."

# It was called the Construction Industry Training Authority before 1 January 2008.

Note: The course providers marked with "*" also conduct revalidation training courses.