The Boilers and Pressure Vessels Division is responsible for enforcing the Boilers and Pressure Vessels Ordinance (Cap.56) to ensure the safe operation of boilers and pressure vessels. Its major work includes :

  • registration of boilers and pressure vessels
  • carrying out spot checks on pressure equipment in work sites
  • conducting examinations and issuing certificate of competency to qualified candidates as competent persons for various types of boiler and steam receiver
  • monitoring the courses for the training of competent persons
  • promoting safe use of boilers and pressure vessels by issuing Codes of Practice and through activities such as holding seminars and exhibitions
  • providing technical support to the Fire Services Department in connection with pressure equipment covered by the Dangerous Goods Ordinance (Cap.295)


Under the Electronic Transaction Ordinance Cap. 553, original documents relating to the registration and examination of boilers and pressure vessels can be submitted by electronic means.