Frequently Asked Questions about
The Employees' Compensation Ordinance, Cap. 282

Q1. What should an injured person do when being approached by recovery agents peddling claims recovery service?

If approached by recovery agents peddling claims recovery service, an injured person should not disclose to them any personal particulars, discuss with them his injury case or sign any document, so as to avoid his personal information being abused or he may face unanticipated legal consequences and financial liabilities. The Department of Justice holds that the activities of recovery agents may constitute offences of champerty and maintenance, and the interests of the victims of personal injury cases may be jeopardized as their rights to compensation may not be fully protected. Recovery agents may draw up agreements with victims in work or traffic accident requiring the latter to share a substantial portion of the compensation recovered. Under the laws of Hong Kong, unlawfully maintaining or sharing the benefits of legal proceedings may constitute criminal offences, which are subject to a fine and up to seven years’ imprisonment on conviction. The injured in any accident, including work accident and traffic accident, should seek proper legal advice, or assistance from solicitors or government departments such as the Legal Aid Department, the Labour Department and the Social Welfare Department. Anyone who feels being harassed should contact the Police immediately for assistance.